I Need a Vacation

I’ve been having a really rough time this winter. It’s almost over, and I’m really looking forward to spring. I’ve started the decluttering process. I’m going to need a professional to come in and organize though. Although, if I get rid of enough stuff, I can probably keep everything in place. One complicating factor is that I’m not the only person to take into account. I’ve just been letting my stuff pile up wherever I happen to lay it down. I looked around one day and realized that the mess in our house was entirely mine. I hadn’t been paying attention. It’s easier for me to get rid of things than to keep things put away. I’m going to really try to get into the whole minimalism mindset. It’s not enough to throw away things I’m not using or just don’t love. I need to be mindful about where my money goes and be sure that I’m not bringing new things home if I’m going to have to throw them away in a month or six. I’m also thinking of creating a sort of personal uniform. I’ve read that’s something successful people do. It frees up decision making space in our brains. For me, it frees up the anxiety related to making that decision. I’m going through a dress phase. For a uniform for me right now, I think T-shirt dresses are a good fit. I can get a belt and a jacket to dress them up and warm them up depending on the season. I can wear them alone if I’m in a moo-moo mood and just want to bum around the house. I don’t have any dresses like that at the moment, but I did have one last year that I was quite comfortable in. They don’t have to be super expensive or last a super long time. They just have to be cute, versatile, and comfortable. Before I do any more shopping though, I have more stuff to get rid of. It’s kinda intimidating. The improvement I’ve already seen in my surroundings is encouraging though!


The Dryad

There is a tree that has the shape of a woman. I park under her on days I have to work. Every time I see her, I feel like I’m in the presence of some ancient noble fertility/nature goddess. Her trunk flares out with the intimation of childbearing hips. Her branches are flung like out spread arms and also like a crown of wisdom. Her roots must dig deep for her to be so tall, but none of them are visible above the earth where she stands.

I wonder if she’s lonely. There are other trees not far, but none of them seem inhabited. I wonder who she whispers to late at night as the wind passes along her messages. Does she command the raven that sits with her by day? What would she bid him do for her? Perhaps he tells her stories of what she cannot know. Though her roots keep her strong, they are also trapping her. She is bound to this spot for all of her days. She can only moderately improve her view by growing taller. So, the Raven must give her some comfort with his company.