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Babe, I bought a blog….

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I’m a newlywed. We’re supposed to have joint money, but we’re still working on that. Mostly, I’m the one not adjusting. I was single for sooooo long; I’m used to buying whatever I want when I want it (provided I have the funds.) That is actually why he’s the one who is better suited to be “Master of Coin.” I’m also newly diagnosed with ADD, OCD, and have the occasional panic attack. I’m in my 30’s and am still not sure what I’m doing with my life. It feels like it has only just begun. I’m still trying to figure this out! My checklist is certainly not anywhere near complete.


Not only that, but you can see how scattered my brain is just looking at this list. This is day two of taking Vyvanse. I’m just starting my adventure with the Adderall style amphetamines. Once my doctor and I land on the correct medicine and dose, I expect to see a vast improvement in the way my brain works. I’m already feeling more productive. I have more energy. Eventually, I should have organized energy. That’s much more effective. So, to sum up; I’m a millennial with ADD and it’s probably driving my poor husband crazy how indecisive and all-over-the-place I can be. If he can just hang in there, I might just turn out to be an awesome ally. Oh, and apparently I’m going to blog.


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